Blev två dikter på resan också..

Min helt opartiska make tycke de var väldigt bra..

På väg hem i taxi..

I want you close, I want you near,
Listen, theres something you need to hear.
Hold me tonight,
I want to be with you, watching the stars shining bright.
Put your arms around me,
open your heart and let me in, open my eyes and let me see.
I want you to feel the way I do, I want you here and don´t wanna let you go.
My heart is open and I´ve let you in. I want you and I am letting you know.

I planet på väg ner..

I want you close, but I am pushing you away,
Hoping you be on my side one day.
I am falling fast,
not thinking about the past.
When I am in your arms , feel you breathe,
I want to give you all you need.
I wounder if you think of me,
wounder what it is you see.
Open your eyes, hold me tight,
oh baby stay for at least one more night.

Läs inlägget innan detta också om ni är sugna på hur resan var!! Bilder kommer!!
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